We can believe these $170 lettuce sandals are a thing


We can believe these $170 lettuce sandals are a thing


INTRODUCING the “lettuce slide,” a crunchy riff on the ubiquitous Adidas sport sandals from vegan footwear brand Rombaut.

The garden variety wonders dispense with the classic striped band and instead stay on wearers’ feet with what appear to be crisp leaves of lettuce.

The limited-edition rubber kicks are going for $US122 ($A170), enough to make many people choke on their salads.

It may help to know that the vegetal slides aren’t merely shoes; they are objets d’art, according to Vogue.


The hilarious $170 lettuce slides.Source:Supplied

Turns out the concept was inspired by a series of vegetable shoe sculptures by Rombaut designer Mats Rombaut, including, writes Vogue, one with a “turnip heel, a sliced-carrot ankle strap and an orange as a platform.”

The Bella Hadid-approved cobbler tells the magazine, “I always wanted to make them real so you could actually wear them.”

There are currently just 50 pairs available to purchase on the brand’s website.


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